Welcome to Gastro care
Welcome to Gastro Care
Superb infrastructure, State of the art diagnostic and treatment facilities, Highly qualified and skilled professionals - The Difference lies in how we treat you. To us you are not simply a bunch of malfunctioning organs but rather a person with an ailment who needs our care to achieve a cure. The secret of our phenomenal success - WE TREAT YOU WELL !!!
Latest News :
  • Around 15000 outpatients treated per year.
  • Around 3500 inpatients treated per year.
  • Around 7500 upper GI Scopies (Diagnostic) per year.
  • Around 1500 lower GI Scopies per year.
  • Around 750 therapeutic endoscopic procedures per year.
  • Around 750 laparoscopic surgeries and around 750 open surgeries per year.
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Welcome to Gastro care